Sunday, January 30, 2011

Samcast episode 42

It's time once again for another monthly music mixup! After last months Christmas mix a bit of an uptempo mix was needed and I hope I deliver just that for you in this MMM.

Editors note: Special thanks to Jersey Joe of the Phil Ayoub fan club for pointing out the error in this post..due to a bad upload i didn't notice this had episode 41 on it! Thanks for your help and the page is fixed now..without the notice i might not have ever known!


That Spells DNA- Jonathan Coulton

Life Would Be Pretty Boring As A Button Pusher- Phil Ayoub

The Proof Is All Together To Late- Scamper

Lost And Found- John Anthony

Good As Gold- Katie Thompson

Breathe In Breathe Out- Streets Of Mars

Ramblin Man- Greg Susoreny

Quit My Day Job- Geoff Smith

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