Monday, February 28, 2011

iPod app review- Pocket NoAgenda

On this weeks iPod app review we take a look at an app for those who have No Agenda in the morning and want to look at the media in a slightly different angle. The app for the podcast No Agenda named fittingly enough Pocket No Agenda is what I look at this week.

iPod app review Pocket NoAgenda

If you want this app click the link bellow:
Pocket No Agenda - Adam Burkepile

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Samcast episode 46

In this weeks samcast it's time for another MMM as my mood reaches an all time high. If ever there was a time that you could swear I was a morning DJ this is it! That with the usual mix of podsafe music.


1. I Wanna Dance- Geoff Smith

2. Ordinary Day- Great Big Sea

3. Work It Out- Lost River

4. Scrollin- Possible Oscar

5. Sleepy Little Creepy Little Town- Jonah Knight

6. Put On the Red Light- DJ Lobsterdust

7.Congratulations, You Suck- J-Devil Music Master

8. Still Alive- Jonathan Coulton

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Friday, February 25, 2011

25 years of Zelda is one epic Mural | The Coolest Zelda Art You’ll EVER See

A Zelda fan like me could stare at this for hours and still find something you hadn't noticed before..The phrase epic doesn't even begin to cover it..hats off to the creator of this..

Monday, February 21, 2011

iPod app review- QRANK

This week I look at the social network quiz game QRANK where everyday you test your trivial knowledge versus your friends and the world.

iPod app review QRANK

If you want this app click the link bellow:
QRANK - Your Social Trivia Addiction - Ricochet Labs

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anonymous just gained my respect

Anonymous Sends An Open Letter To The Westboro Baptist Church: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Note the wording of the letter..its exactly how I would have put it..minus the power of the whole internet of course.."utter lack of christ like attributes" Brilliant!

My Quest For Good Eats #2 Mashers and Cake

The quest continues with a try of mashed potatoes or "mashers" and what to do with the leftovers. It's my cook through of episode 2 This Spuds For You.

My Quest For Good Eats #2 Mashers and Cake

Watson on Jeopardy and what the point was- Commentary

The big
thing for all of geek culture this week, heck even most of normal
culture, was the big test of the IBM Watson computer system on the
game show Jeopardy. As I sat waiting for the day that it would happen
given that it was announced almost a month in advance I sat in the
same crazed ideas that most of us if we would admit it would be
geeking out over. The usual geek outs went something like this. "This
is it! The battle we have all been waiting for! Humans VS Computers,
the smack down of a life time!" Of course we were all missing
the point and some of us still never got the point. This was not a
match to see if a computer could finally beat a human or vice verca
it was more of a test to see how well a computer could understand
natural language, or to put it in better terms, how the human language
works. I cannot think of a better way of pulling this off then by a
game of Jeopardy and belive me I thought long and hard. Jeopardy has
always been up there in my list of favorite game shows as it plays to
my way of thinking. Clues that dont have a straight out way of saying
things that you have to decrypt and think quick to get the answer to
before anyone else can. In the case of this test it meant that the
processors on Watson would have to work double time to beat a humans
speed which I know sounds like childs play to someone that believes that
someday computers will take over but is actually a feat to someone
like me who doesn't have paranoia about that subject at least.Watson
was designed to look for key terms in text and then run it through
its database seeing all things that would fit with the context before
spitting out an answer that would be suitable. In the case of
Jeopardy if it wasn't sure enough of it's answer it wouldn't even try
to buzz in. To a person just watching with the awe of a smackdown in
mind they would see either a tense battle or ,in some cases like my
aunt, would see the most boring thing they could have ever watched in
their life. To those watching to see what Watson was capable of there
was another layer to the story. As the game went on we were able to
see how sure Watson was of the top three answers he came up with and
if he even had the right ones in mind. Categories involving things
like characters from The Beatles songs, of which I only got one wrong
because I didn't know Johns mothers name, or specific context clues
Watson would excel at while categories like decades for instance he
struggled a bit with coming up with the proper response. For the
researchers in the audience this made a wealth of research data that can
be used to refine the technology even further to make it that much
more useful in practical applications like medicine although it had
better not try to shoot me up with anything or I may kill it. The
point of this whole match was to continue to make computers better at
helping with everyday tasks but still not perfect enough to run us
over. In the end Watson won having a few Daily Doubles that were even difficult for him to figure out but with luck did come up with the answers and even a failed final Jeopardy question that swore Toronto
was in the United States! The point however is not that Watson's that now he can improve even more in his use case. In the
end Watson was made by humans after all and I think that's something we
can all be just a bit proud of.

Samcast Episode 45

On this weeks samcast I cover Digg backing off on another change,how online vids are going up, and of course Watson along with another case where a computer just ruins the experience. All that and more on this weeks Samcast!

Digg bans rss submissions-

9 robots that could take over the world:

New spider man movie details-

Online vid usage up!:

Monopoly gains computer and loses the fun-

Ken Jennings on what its like to face a computer-

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Aperture Laboratories Vday buying guide

They do what they must because they can..and now they will help you with gifts of affection for your loved one!

Valentine's Day Gift Buying

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trailer for Atlas Shrugged part 1

Now I get how they could possibly make an Atlas Shrugged movie..split it into parts! Not going to lie..I'm excited about this one! Just worried it may be coming out now to push the whole train movement forward in our minds..

Atlas Shrugged Trailer

iPod app review- iSamJackson

Can't come up with a witty remark in a tough situation that needs one? Let the great Samuel L. Jackson do it for you with iSamJackson!

iPod app review iSamJackson

If you want this app click the link bellow:
iSamJackson (Clean) - Heatwave Interactive, Inc.

Samcast episode 44

On this weeks samcast I get a few rants about security and social network usage out of the way, see whether or not the doctor is really as good as we think, and I give a moment of silence for the death of guitar hero.

Wifi users protect own networks but jump on others-

Game rewards kids for going outside-

Is the doctor really a good man?-

Guitar Hero RIP-

No facebook for the Obama kids:
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Quest For Good Eats #1 Steaking My Claim

It now begins! My cook through the entire good eats book starts with episode 1(big surprise..) It's steaks and Blue Cheese Sauce.

My Quest For Good Eats #1 Steaking My Claim

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trailer for “Kramerica"

Ok it's not a real movie but be would watch it wouldn't you?

Seinfeld: "Kramerica" re-cut trailer

Justin Beeber and Ozzy Osbourne..wait what!?

Just when I thought all possible nutty combos had been used up this comes around..It is funny though and really does reflect how tech moves fast..very very fast..

Extended Best Buy Big Game Ad with Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne

Sunday, February 6, 2011

iPod App Review- Get Glue

Want to use a check in service but really don't want someone knowing where you are? I think I have just the app for you.

iPod App Review Get Glue

If you want the app click the link bellow:

GetGlue - AdaptiveBlue

Samcast episode 43

On this weeks samcast I explain what mistake I made last week, What the FBI thinks about your DDOS attacks, and how making a internet kill switch may not help at all.

Amazon has security flaw-

New tech looks at responses to web vids-

The FBI doesn't like your wikileaks-

7 myths the mythbusters proved-

Senators dislike obvious observation-


Jersey Joe: Here is a bit of trivia about the song you played. Phil was in an elevator with a father and his young son. The kid kept pushing all the buttons and eventually looked up at his Dad and said "Life would be boring as a button pusher". Phil thought....hmmm I have to turn that into a song.



Scam School episodes about noting a liar:

Part 1:


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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My new project is revealed!

I've been teasing it on the podcast for a while's time I delivered and began a journey I will never forget.

My new project is revealed!

Possible delay in the podcast coming out

There may be a delay in my podcast coming out this week as my podcast server podbean is having problems with their site today. It has given me the same error all day no matter how much I check. Hopefully the error will be fixed by tomorrow and if not the podcast will go out as soon as it is fixed..sorry for any delay that may happen.

UPDATE: Podbean is back up now..podcast should be on schedule again!

An intersting look at the daily

The Daily: It's a Second-Rate iPad Magazine, Not a Newspaper [OP-ED]

For those like me that don't own an iPad but still want to see how horrible..i mean..interesting it turned out to is an article to do just that.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CSI: Gallifrey

For those that have at least seen the intro to CSI: Miami and love Doctor Who..your welcome..

CSI: Gallifrey (DW/CSI Miami Parody)