Thursday, March 31, 2011

Doctor Who season 6 trailer

A new Trailer is out who fans! We only have to wait a little under a month now..I'm so excited..

Doctor Who - Full Length Trailer for New Series 2011 - BBC One

Mercy Me Does Epic Beatles cover with a few friends

I wont spoil completely how this goes on because half the fun is watching it unfold but I will say this..Mercy Me has just hit new levels of epic..take that world Christians can have fun!

Cover Tune Grab Bag - "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Alton Brown on Sesame Street

For those that follow the content on the blog you may know that I'm a huge fan of Alton Brown. After all there is a reason I'm choosing to cook through his books of all the food network stars I could choose from! Here is him giving a recipe for fun with an aparently new member of Sesame Street..shows hows quick a few years can change something when you don't keep an eye on it..

Sesame Street: Alton Brown: Recipe

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Samcast episode 50- MMM

It's the fiftieth episode of samcast! How appropriate that it's also time for a Monthly Music Mixup as we celebrate the landmark by playing as usual another list of podsafe music to help you start a new month of right!


This is the song- Geoff Smith

Carlin Step- DJ Steve Porter and DJ Eli Wilkie

In Another Castle- Jimmy Wong

Choices You've Made- The Audible Dark

Song In My Head- Emma Wallace

Misery Loves Company-Krista Baroni

Roll The Dice- Freeky Cleen

Free- Richard Anthony

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Quest For Good Eats #4- A Bird in the pan is the first Bird I ever cooked!

The First few episodes of Good Eats had their challenges as they always will have. After last time I learned to never expect anything to be easy but this time..I had no chance to even expect it to be even close to easy. It was time for me to take a step into a whole new level of cooking. I was to make a chicken..not part of one but a whole chicken. Not owning a mortar and passel is something I must remedy while I'm on the topic of challenges with this however in true Alton Brown kitchen hackery spirit I made my own with a bowel and the handle of a metal ice cream scoop. Made just as fine a paste and it made me quite proud of it. Then came butterflying the bird. Standing there like an intern in his first surgery I held the knife. I found all the bones fine but I had to call in help. While I do all this I really must exercise more..otherwise I'll never have leverage like my dad does..Had to have him push down so the bone would snap properly as it was very very insistent on staying put! In comparison the rest was a bit more..lets go with nice shall we? Chopping up veggies for the first time felt very natural as I finally got to use the knife skills I had observed and absorbed through to much watching of cooking shows. All in all the end result is something I can be proud of and is something I will keep in mind for when I have any sort of guests over. The next recipes in my journey will be more about patience then having leverage but still given they fall on just the right time of year for something cold should be rather satisfying just as this adventure was this time!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

iPod app review- Min To Go

This week I cover a version of the timer on the iPod with a few extra features in it that make it more useful.

iPod app review- Min To Go

If you want the app click the link bellow:

TIMER : MIN TO GO - Neuron Industries Inc.

Samcast Episode 49- In Memory Of John Tuddle

In this weeks Samcast Rebecca and Jordon are back in the fray for a spring break session as we discuss Tom Baker Finally getting with Big Finish,The Military making fake personas, another rant about identity on the internet, as well as some movie and TV talk. It's all in this weeks samcast.

Articles discussed:

Tom baker confirmed for big finish-

US military to make fake personas-

Moot says Zukerburg is wrong-

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Our comic relief dose of doctor who

Just around eight minutes when you combine the two parts but still..a brilliant eight minutes that you will laugh your head off with. Moffat as usual is a genius..I've provided both parts bellow..have fun my fellow who fans!

Doctor Who: Time, Part 1 - Red Nose Day 2011 - BBC Comic Relief Night

Doctor Who: Time, Part 2 - Red Nose Day 2011 - BBC Comic Relief Night

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Facebook page

The Samcast Network now has A Facebook fan page where I will post all the new content I put up on this page for everyone to discuss about. Feel free to join up and have discussions with everyone! The box to the right will give you a link or you can go here:!/pages/The-Samcast-Network/193651954008227?sk=wall

Samcast episode 48- The Spam King is Winning

On this weeks Samcast: Are you tired of hearing about Sheen..I'll show you a way to make him vanish along with what the spam king is doing now that hes free and Facebook has some new that even news anymore? We will find out all that and more.

Sick of hearing of Charlie Sheen..block him-

The span king is free-

Warner brothers to rent movies on Facebook-

Blogger banned in turkey over football-

Facebook lets you get support from friends now-

Apple protects parents from huge payments-


Jonah Knight:

Hi Sam,

I just wanted to say thank you for playing my song Sleepy Little Creepy Little Town on episode 46.

And I'm totally impressed with your musical taste. I dug every song you played and will definitely stay subscribed. You're doing some good work here.

Let me know if you need anymore music.

Thanks again,


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My quest for good eats #4: In a salad daze

As I eluded to last time if there is one word that gives a bit of a instant dislike for me its the word salad. For me a salad means all the woody veggies that I don't care for. I eat them alright but not the woody ones. So for this part of my journey I went in with no experience and said "this shouldn't be to hard..just a salad" HA! If you ever see me say that sort of stupid statement ever again you have permission to call me out in front of god and everyone in the room! I first made a vinaigrette with a nice little concoction of flavors..a bit to strong for my tastes or the real salad eater in the house, my mom, tastes either..vinegar isn't something for everyone. I even adjusted the salad recipe a bit to make for the fact that there are some gluten alergies in the house as well. This took what already wasn't as easy as I thought and made me think on my feet..and that is a good thing. To quote Alton Brown himself from the book I'm Just Here for the Food "Cooking requires not just knowledge but understanding, and requires thought."  That means someone wanting to cook needs to be able to adapt and not always be a "slave to a recipe" It's statements like this that make me love Alton Browns way of thinking as much as I do. As for how the whole ordeal went? Well it was a good learning experience and to quote my mother "If there had been a little less lemon juice then it would have been perfect" which when I tasted it myself I agreed completely with and as I stated above I am not a salad person yet I liked it..if not for to much juice. This is what my journey is really about to take chances with food I have never even tried to do and make it happen even if I manage to add one thing to much. I still know how to make a basic salad now for various occasions whether I play host to a guest who likes salads or maybe be the guy that brought the salad. It still comes in use..and I made my first emulsion of this journey! If I recall my good eats episodes right will not be my last!

Monday, March 7, 2011

iPod app review- Instagram

This week I review the social picture app Instagram and see what is so addictive about it anyway.

iPod app review- Instagram
If you want this app click the link bellow:
Instagram - Burbn, Inc.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Samcast episode 47: Apple is making me be creative this week!

On this weeks samcast Apple news has forced me once again to dig deep to find some news that has nothing to do with anything no deal with the announcement and the results should be entertaining. After all I'm sure your sick of hearing about it by now!

Doctor Who Online game to come-

Smart phone gets driver out of ticket-

Robot cheetah designed-

Piracy fails to dent theater gains-

10 signs of an ageing gamer-

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A change of titles

Some of you may notice that I have changed the title of the blog from "Samuels Thoughts" to "The Samcast Network" Why is this? This page has changed over the past few months to not only have my thoughts on it anymore. I may be the main contributor but with the addition of the samcast podcast this site is no longer a solo effort. This is my way of saying that as much as I may run the site and blog on it that it is just as much about the other contributors to the content on this site as well. It also doesn't limit me to what I could add in the future to the content on this page. All in all I feel it is not only a more common sense move but a fair move to show that this blog is no longer a one man show..but is now the place I always wanted it to be. Friends together having fun and doing what they love.

Friday, March 4, 2011

How an Old Spice Commerical is made

Been meaning to look this up and post it since I saw it on twit. This is a Behind the scenes of how they pulled off the new Old Spice's less CGI than you think and was all in one take!

Old Spice | Behind the Scenes

Awesome ghostbusters statue

Kotobukiya Ghostbusters Bishoujo Ghostbusters Masahiro Takahashi Image Gallery - -

The anime feel combined with one of my favorite movie series...can't loose this this one..and no I'm not drooling..I just think this is freaking awesome! Wonder what other American property they will perv..I mean anime up...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My quest for good eats #3 Cracking Open The Egg Files

Not every week in my journey of going through all of Good Eats will result in you guys seeing a Vid Blog. In this weeks case I did a very simple prep that I felt really would be the most boring thing to watch that only took a few minutes. It was my first dive into one of the several "series" inside the Good Eats Library of programs. In this case " The Egg Files" is if my memory serves me right is the one with the most installments for one reason. You can do alot with eggs! In this case though it dealt with two basic preps one of which I have done before. The first was making a Egg Over easy style..this was the first time I done this prep and I'm quite proud of the results. According to my mom it was quite good..not my favorite way to have an egg though. My favorite way to eat an egg is good old fashioned scrambled. This was the second way of making them and the way I had done before with one difference, I had only done one egg at a time before because I normally only eat one. This time I had five eggs because i made the whole batch for the whole family. Again I'm happy with how it came out. It may not have been the most learning I have done in this journey so far but the feeling still hasn't changed. I did it..on my own with no help..bonus points for fighting my mother off for wanting to help out of habit since we have cooked alot together. Next week I deal with not exactly my favorite of dishes..but what could it be? If you have the book you can obviously cheat and look ahead..but where would the fun in that be?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Babelcolour tribute to Nicholas Courtney

Babelcolour has done it again. A tribute to Nicholas Courtney (the brigadier from Doctor who) This made me genuinely cry and for me that takes a bit more than honestly it should.

Babelcolour Tribute - MY IMMORTAL BRIGADIER