Monday, December 29, 2008

A look back on 2008

2008 was a great year as far as I'm concerned..many things come to mind technology wise. The things that come to my mind immediately are the creation of my fave app Digsby, Monty Python got its own youtube channel, my twitter obsession began this year and the political filter and Mr. Tweet didn't help. Facebook changed a bit with Facebook im, a whole new layout all together, and the death of Scrablous. We learned that some will pay for anytype of app on an ipod with the I Am Rich incident. It was proven that the internet was not just for porn. Microsoft made droves of whineing geeks with the Jerry Seinfeld ads. One small thing I think deserves mention is Radars tricked by a muppet but thats just me. It was a great year for inovation as Leo Laporte started up Twit live and Twit Army. All and all a very interesting year and a year for change(and no that was not an Obama refrence). I can't wait to see what come up for everyone in the new year..if all this happened..just wait for the new one.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mac vs PC now on twitter

Mac versus PC, the battle continues on Twitter «

Simply Follow @MACvsPC and let the chatter between the two systems begin.

New bandwith meter for all of us

Featured Windows Download: BitMeter Monitors Your Bandwidth

Finally something for us that honestly dont know what the heck our cap is..I'm on satellite so i got a cap of about 300 MB..yea..bad isn't it but its the only highspeed I can get.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Google streetview art

Infonaut Inc. :: Blog

This story is wild.A large group actually posed for google street view.It includes links to all the "displays" that went on during the event..I like the sword fight myself.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Evolution of game controllers

The evolution of video game controllers, illustrated IKEA style - Offworld

This is a neat diagram of how the controller has changed over the first in the list was the nes..what can I say I'm a Nintendo nut.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Top gear gets its hands on a Tesla

» Top Gear reviews the Tesla Roadster Dvorak Uncensored: General interest observations and true web-log.

My favorite (and if I'm honest only) car show that I watch has got its hands on a Tesla car. Shame that..well I'll just let you watch it for yourself...all I can say is..poor Jason Calacanis.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bratz smacked by Barbie.

BBC NEWS | Business | A costly storm in a toy box

So If I read this right Bratz are being taken from the shelves in the new year...what am I going to do with that one spot on the toy isle where I work? Oh well I'll know when it happens I guess.

Bandwidth meters.

TechBlog: Coming soon: Comcast to offer a bandwidth meter

This is a great idea. My only wish would be if all services that have a cap would provide one of these..maybe this move will force them to.

Kevin Rose top ten gifts for geeks.

this is my website | Kevin Rose - blogg - My Top 10 Gifts For Geeks

A pretty neat list and I agree that I would rather get drm free music than Itunes...

Mr. Tweet rocks!

It's time I plugged another site that i like Mr. Tweet is designed to show you who you should be following on twitter that you may not even know about. In my case I found the creators of one of my fave online comics "the joy of tech" and others in my list that I didn't even know were on Twitter. Just follow mrtweet on twitter and when your list it ready it will send it to you. Simple yet effective..I love it!