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Tenth doctor the musical

This has to be the unltimate fan vid. The tenth doctors adventures put to popular music. Have to give you a NSFW warning though because the "f word" Is used in one of the songs for a few seconds..still enough to where a boss would be annoyed and a child could learn a new word you don't want them to...

Tenth Doctor: The Musical

BBC ticks of who fans..but are they just overreacting?

BBC News - Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow

Before you start the flame comments over the title allow me to explain. I am a who fan myself and have seen the episode and the clip in question and I have to say it didn't anger me. It makes me wonder if it is a matter of culture is the problem here. In America we are used to seeing ads over points in our shows. This makes itself perfectly clear if you watch the discovery channel or another place where animated graphics show up quite often during shows. Is it possible that since this doesn't happen as often in the UK that its a matter of context? I'm not defending the BBC here either..its clear they made a slightly goofy and badly timed mistake with the placement of the ad but to hear fans talk you would think it took up the entire screen instead of a small chunk of it. I'll provide the clipl below however if you dont want a spoiler for episode 4 then turn your sound off and see the vid only and the message will still be clear as to what everyone was upset about, but to get as angry enough about it that instead of the usual reviews of the episode you see on places like twitter all you see is anger? I think it went a bit to far...

BBC Ruin Doctor Who

Hawking says if aliens say hi..stay quiet..

Stephen Hawking Warns Humans To Beware Of Aliens - GeekWeek

This is a lesson that all doctor who fans already know..when they show up all they will want to do is steal our resources and then leave..makes since really when you think about it.

Id like to be..under the sea in an octopuses...hoodie?

How to Make Your Octopus Hoodie: Pics, Videos, Links, News

A funny plan on how to make an octopus hoodie..odd i know..but if you know me I'm all about odd...

Seziers are a big deal- Talk about it

Hollywood Promises To Talk About It! ...You Will Too. [ ]

As a person that suffers from seizures myself the discovery of this website meant more to me than most would ever think it would. It not only gives you all the info you need but much more. As the site says this is about it.

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Jeff Jarvis returns his Ipad

Reboxing « BuzzMachine

I talked about this on the podcast but now its official. He has returned it and payed the fee. Normally i would embed the vid that came with the post but i think its important you read the words on the page as well as watch the bid so ill provide you with a link to the post instead.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The move for a more realist guitar game

Rock Out Realistically: Guitar Game Uses 6-String Controller | Gadgets, Science & Technology

I heard a prediction from Adam Sessler earlier this year and it appers it would be true..for rhythm games to survive they must become more realistic..this may be the first move..

the coolest lego sculptures youve ever seen

12 Most Realistic Lego Sculptures -

I swear some are like your looking at the real thing..i shudder to think how long it took them to build these...

Not everyone is happy with their Ipad...

Why I’m Returning My Apple iPad ($AAPL)

I provide this simply to say that nothing is loved by everyone..nice to hear a balance of a negative view after ive heard all the positive things on my podcasts feed today...

Kevin rose new digg ceo

Kevin Rose to Replace Jay Adelson as Digg CEO

This makes perfect sense to me as Kevin Rose is the first person i think of when i think of Digg he will have the interests of the company in mind..I just wonder how he will still do podcasts or if it will be affected at all..

Google your actual mailbox

Google Mail Envelopes by Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik » Yanko Design

This is interesting..i really like the envelop design. Makes it feel more social by seeing how far it traveled.

The podcast is ready! samcasts

That's right kids you can now get my podcast..first episode is an overview of what i plan to do with the podcast. Call it the intro episode if you will..bonus points if you get the title reference by the way..ill give you a hint..Nintendo fans may have an advantage on this one...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kids sing still alive

Thats right..a group of small kids at a chior performance sung still alive..its cute and geeky at the same time!

Kids Sing Portal "Still Alive"