Monday, April 26, 2010

BBC ticks of who fans..but are they just overreacting?

BBC News - Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow

Before you start the flame comments over the title allow me to explain. I am a who fan myself and have seen the episode and the clip in question and I have to say it didn't anger me. It makes me wonder if it is a matter of culture is the problem here. In America we are used to seeing ads over points in our shows. This makes itself perfectly clear if you watch the discovery channel or another place where animated graphics show up quite often during shows. Is it possible that since this doesn't happen as often in the UK that its a matter of context? I'm not defending the BBC here either..its clear they made a slightly goofy and badly timed mistake with the placement of the ad but to hear fans talk you would think it took up the entire screen instead of a small chunk of it. I'll provide the clipl below however if you dont want a spoiler for episode 4 then turn your sound off and see the vid only and the message will still be clear as to what everyone was upset about, but to get as angry enough about it that instead of the usual reviews of the episode you see on places like twitter all you see is anger? I think it went a bit to far...

BBC Ruin Doctor Who

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