Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facebook IM

The new news that has come to my attention is the new service on the social website I belong to that is named Facebook. The new service is an instant messangeing(IM) client. My space didn't something similar in the past bust facebook has done something interesting. They have implanted the IM client right on the sight. No software downloading is required, go to the site and its just there. Im testing it as I type this(far out huh?). The service works just like normal im and even informs you in the browser if you get a new message. Im useing firefox so i have it as a tab on here and the tab actually changed to show that a person sent me a message. Anyone the uses IM will complain about one thing. The software you download usually sucks. This actually works quite well and can be minimized to get it out of your way. It makes me wonder if traditional IM programs have just become obsolete. One neat feature is that as friends do thing the resulting mini feed post shows up in the chat. Of course some features like logging don't exist in it but the neat thing is you don't have to sign up extra or anything. If you have a Facebook then you have the IM program. I just want to see how this shapes this nearly dead might even make IM a mainstream thing again.

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