Thursday, March 3, 2011

My quest for good eats #3 Cracking Open The Egg Files

Not every week in my journey of going through all of Good Eats will result in you guys seeing a Vid Blog. In this weeks case I did a very simple prep that I felt really would be the most boring thing to watch that only took a few minutes. It was my first dive into one of the several "series" inside the Good Eats Library of programs. In this case " The Egg Files" is if my memory serves me right is the one with the most installments for one reason. You can do alot with eggs! In this case though it dealt with two basic preps one of which I have done before. The first was making a Egg Over easy style..this was the first time I done this prep and I'm quite proud of the results. According to my mom it was quite good..not my favorite way to have an egg though. My favorite way to eat an egg is good old fashioned scrambled. This was the second way of making them and the way I had done before with one difference, I had only done one egg at a time before because I normally only eat one. This time I had five eggs because i made the whole batch for the whole family. Again I'm happy with how it came out. It may not have been the most learning I have done in this journey so far but the feeling still hasn't changed. I did it..on my own with no help..bonus points for fighting my mother off for wanting to help out of habit since we have cooked alot together. Next week I deal with not exactly my favorite of dishes..but what could it be? If you have the book you can obviously cheat and look ahead..but where would the fun in that be?

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