Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Quest For Good Eats #4- A Bird in the pan is the first Bird I ever cooked!

The First few episodes of Good Eats had their challenges as they always will have. After last time I learned to never expect anything to be easy but this time..I had no chance to even expect it to be even close to easy. It was time for me to take a step into a whole new level of cooking. I was to make a chicken..not part of one but a whole chicken. Not owning a mortar and passel is something I must remedy while I'm on the topic of challenges with this however in true Alton Brown kitchen hackery spirit I made my own with a bowel and the handle of a metal ice cream scoop. Made just as fine a paste and it made me quite proud of it. Then came butterflying the bird. Standing there like an intern in his first surgery I held the knife. I found all the bones fine but I had to call in help. While I do all this I really must exercise more..otherwise I'll never have leverage like my dad does..Had to have him push down so the bone would snap properly as it was very very insistent on staying put! In comparison the rest was a bit more..lets go with nice shall we? Chopping up veggies for the first time felt very natural as I finally got to use the knife skills I had observed and absorbed through to much watching of cooking shows. All in all the end result is something I can be proud of and is something I will keep in mind for when I have any sort of guests over. The next recipes in my journey will be more about patience then having leverage but still given they fall on just the right time of year for something cold should be rather satisfying just as this adventure was this time!

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