Saturday, September 29, 2007

Product placement

Well time to get to my other hobby...commenting on stuff. Yesterday I was watching a new show on cbs and I noticed a sad product placement. In case you don't know me I commonly use the term sad to mean pathetic. It was on the new show called moonlight that a woman pulled out a smart phone and took a picture. I didn't realize what phone it was until she showed someone a picture and zoomed in on the picture by placeing her finger on the side of the picture and dragging it to make it bigger..thats right it was a i phone. Product placement is fairly obvious. Its more obvious then it used to be. Another example was when I played a CSI game and found that every usb junk drive was a Sandisk drive,almost every cell phone was Nokia, every bill i examined has visa on it somewhere, and GMC cars seem to be the only vehicle available in Vegas. Its become ridiculous that we must be peppered by this when we have to deal with commercials anyway. Either they should eliminate the commercials and do it like they used to with a show being sponsored by a company or product or quit trying to make us want things when we have already dealt with commercials.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you all you see anymore is ad's about everything from Coke to GMC on TV shows. I hate all the commericals during the show I think you have more commericals than actual show.