Saturday, March 15, 2008

Being alive

The concept of staying alive is a wide spread one that reaches from the beginning of time to the end of it(or at least according to doctor who). It has been a widespread belief in disco music and anyone who plays as dad would put it “useless games”. My point of these crazy jokes? The concept of staying alive is not exactly written in stone as to what it means. This even applies to the bible. The phrase alive is used in different connotations. Most of those I found have referred to it in literal sense while others have talked about your soul staying alive. A common attitude in the world is that staying alive is merely breathing. These types of thinkers usually wear a frown and hate the very fighting for life that they do wondering if there isn't something more to the life that they live. Others are much more optimistic about it and love every minute of it. These are the one that always wear a smile no matter what. I would probably fall into this group partially with a bit more added in. You might ask what I see as staying alive. My idea of it is quite simple. Having a full life filled by gods spirit, oh and a bit of the breathing part to. But what about you? What is your concept of staying alive? Perhaps you need to rethink this or look it over. Your choice. Either way I believe that life is missing a bit of that special something without god. That is why you see most(i say most because theres always a few sour ones in the bunch) Christians smiling from ear to ear about the day ahead of them while others stare at them as if they are insane. Any way you think will not change my opinion of this or my opinion of you. There is a difference between witnessing and pushing someone very rudely but I wont get into a rant about that now but perhaps later. I merely like making one think and I hope that this has made you think..and hopefully not that you want to snap my head open.

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