Monday, June 23, 2008

A comedian that will be missed

Legendary standup comedian George Carlin dead | - Houston Chronicle

George Carlin passed away yesterday and i feel i have to blog this seeing as he was one of my favorite comedians. One thing that catches my eye is the flame war that appears to have broke out between a christian and a bunch of people that hate us...or rather the image of us that some get because of certain groups. I will admit that he did cuss alot and sometimes he got a tad irreverent but he did usually came up with stuff you really never thought about. I find it soiling and wrong that a person had the nerve to put a bad comment on a page about a man dieing. Regardless of who it is that lacks respect. The fact that then people started a flame war over it sohws even more of a lack of respect. Carlin made fun of certain establishments of Christianity and never poked fun at god himself. One in particular I found funny was that we assume god looks like a man when hes a spirit and Jesus gets the man image understandably but then the holy spirit get stuck with the dove image. It was a funny observation ment as a joke and nothing more. I think I will now turn on my ipod and listen to some Carlin and hope that these people in the flame war have a Christan come along and tell them the truth of god. The truth being that Christanty is a way that we celebrate god and some ways that it is done are not correct or are correct acording to your beliefs. If only we could all just get along and see gods truth together then perhaps flame wars over god wouldn't happen.

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