Monday, July 28, 2008

Lifehacker editors tell what they use..and so do I

What We Use: The Lifehacker Editors' Favorite Software and Hardware

Given that I give you a link to an article like this I believe its time that I did my own version of this and yes i shall be following the lifehacker formula for my version.

The basics

  • Firefox 3- This will come as a surprise to no one that I use Firefox..most geeks do. My main reason is the extensions scribefire,, and sage. These three help me blog, bookmark, and check feeds at greater speeds.
  • Digsby- I've already ranted about this in a pervious post as my killer app. I use it for both my email accounts, both im adresses, my twitter, and my facebook.
  • I tunes- What i use for my podcasts every morning.
  • Wizmo- The windows gizmo created by Steve Gibson to make a few things a bit easier.

Primary OS

I used to run a computer with Windows XP and was very happy. Now i run Windows Vista Basic(yea go ahead and laugh) on my new computer and I am still happy. I don't get why everyone is so mad at it..of course my only speed bump was i had to get a new webcam but i was planning on doing that anyway.


I only have one computer that I use and love. It used to be a dell desktop then i saved up and got me an inspiron notebook and im never going back. I have a Wii as well that has web capabiltys so i guess that counts as well.


I shall use this as a place to tell what is hooked to my computer at all for when im up and about of course.

  • Supersize earbud speakers- When it comes to my gadgets i prefer the funny type that still gets the job done.These speakers have great sound and look really cool
  • TARDIS usb hub- It seems to be a trend for a geek to choose a usb hub that has some sort of gimic to it. Mine is a small version of the ship from Doctor Who that makes to engine sounds and flashes the lamp on top.
  • 60 gig Ipod- I add this to the list because I use it anytime i need to move big files i use it as an external hard drive...if apple made a version of the touch that did this then id buy it in an instant but untill then my good 5th gen ipod suits me just fine.
  • Cruiser micro 1gig- When it comes to smaller files i use my one gig flash drive to get the job done.
  • Logitech wireless mouse- I dont know if anyone else has this problem but the only thing i find akward about my computer is the pannel at the bottem that is used for a mouse. Thats why i have an good old fashioned optical mouse to go around my screen with.

  • Hotmail- My primary email adress that only close friends can get ahold of.
  • Yahoo mail- My secondary email for the blog and other things.
  • Twitter- My favorite little microbloging tool for 140 letter posts.The only downside is I find it imposible to explain to anyone interested.
  • Meebo- When my im clients failed me in the past i use this as a backup..and now if it ever happens again ill be covered.
  • The only way to bookmark in my opinion.
  • FriendFeed- I use this mainly as my way to update facebook without being there. All my feeds in one place.
  • A great way to share files. I use it as a way to share fanfics(quit laughing I know im a geek)
Self Assesment

My main reason for trying things is my various sources I pay attention to. Im quick to try something out and not so quick to eventually drop it. Although once i find software for a certian purpose then i keep it like it were a child. Im not a big harware person and dont jump on gimicks often..unless Leo talked about it of course.. still when it comes to my computer I like things that get the job done if not also a bit silly as well.

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