Thursday, January 7, 2010

A case of comments being better than the post

Harmonix: Play John Lennon's Guitar for $99 in "Rock Band" - Gearlog

You have to go few a bit of it then you hit the funny thread of responses that i shall lay out:

"....but it's a fake guitar....."

"Of course. Because learning to actually play Beatles songs, much less
guitar in general, would just be a waste of time for our children."

The funny part for me is the guy that responed to the twos joke by starting off sounding geeky then redeems himself with a funny yet potent punchline.


It's a video game, and it offers its own set of challenges to master.

Kids can play a baseball video game and still go outside to play baseball (and they do.) They can play Rock Band/Guitar Hero games and still learn to play the guitar (and many have been inspired to do just that, and to learn how to play drums etc.)

Instead of adopting a narrow and uninformed view of a game like this, I think we should be excited that kids have a chance to interact with this groundbreaking and meaningful music. Hopefully a game like this will show them that music can be much more than is offered by the Hannah Montanas and 50 Cents of the world."

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