Sunday, May 22, 2011

All about sound episode 3: Microphones part 2

On this weeks all about sound we finish our two part series on microphones with the more technical side of the devices themselves as well as figure out what an insane cable of the past is still used for this very day. All that and more on all about sound.
Microphone Details:
Rejection, Freqency Response / Resonance Peak, Dynamic Range, Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Hi / Lo impedance. 
Where to find SM58 Manual-
Editors note: Due to a new encoding process the finished podcast has a bit of a hiss in it if it is turned up to a certian level with no way to fix it. Next week I will go back to the process I know works and it won't happen again. Apolgies for any anoyance this may cause.
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