Sunday, July 10, 2011

All About Sound episode 10: Mixers part 7

On this weeks all about sound we wrap up talking about the channels on a mixer by discussing Pan controls, Attenuator Pad Switches, mute switches, solo switches, and the all important Channel Fader as well as an odd question we have for you to help us figure out. All that this week.
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Theme song by Danny Lewis
Artwork by Jordan Robinson
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Anonymous said...

Hello In my opinion you are wrong. Let's discuss it.

Samuel Lewis said...

I would be happy to discuss it. Send an email to and we can talk. I have only been able to listen to bit to the music this week to track it down..a few modern artists have had a good left and right panned mix that I discovered..My problem is I have to stop enjoying the music long enough to analyze it. If you email in your findings I will read them on a future episode.