Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Quest for Good Eats #5- Coolness and Patience

The time had first foray into confencinton. What is it you ask? Why Ice Cream of course! I hear your crys now. "Ice Cream isn't candy!" thats something I would think to but I will Quote Alton by saying this "All candy making is about controlling sugar crystals." When you think of it that way then yes I did indeed make my first candy. How did it go? It went wonderful..normally I provide a picture but the key to this process is time. Chilling the ice cream maker for 24 hours in the freezer, Chilling the ice cream mix for at least 6 hours, churning until it reaches soft serve consitancy, and then freezing it for 2 hours. Then and only then can you enjoy ice cream heaven. Instead of a vanilla bean I had to add vanilla extract at the end of the mix before chilling it. I tryed to find me I even took a pligramage to my not so local Kroger to try to find one but no dice. That being said it still tastes wonderful. The best discription I can give it is a properly made batch of snow cream. For those that have no idea what it is google it and then try it next will be glad you did! Once we get rid of the ice cream around here I have one more frozen confection to try before this episode is done..with a bit of fiddling with flavors this time..if ever there were times that Altons push to not be a slave to recipes..this will be the time! 

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