Friday, April 22, 2011

The new domain of the network and other announcements

After listening to Cliff Ravenscraft of the generaly speaking podcast network ( I finally decided it was time for the site to have it's own domain name! I wanted one easy to recall off the top of your head and then it hit me The Samcast Network TSCN. That was it..the domain I wanted! May I reveal to you all the new domain! From now on this is the domian of the website and don't worry you won't have to resubscribe to feeds or anything as the old domain is still ticking away in the background but now you can just type and your good to go! In other news for the site sometime we will be launching another podcast addition to the network called All About Sound. Your source for tips and tricks to get the best posible sound from your mixing equipment. I won't be alone in this venture either. There is one man that taught me everything I know about sound mixing and he is the perfect man for this job. Danny Lewis will be joining The Samcast Network as sound guru of All About Sound shareing all the things he has learned over the years to get the best sound possible. All in all im very excited about the new moves being made in the network as I refine it. The new podcast will be out sometime next month as I get podbean to coperate with me. I hope you will like the new content as well and always send feedback to with any thoughts or sugestions. Without you guys we wouldn't be doing this at all..thank you for listening and sticking with us!

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