Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Quest for Good Eats #6- Experimenting with ice

It's been a while since I did one of these. Why you may ask? Well there was one thing standing in my way. The search for orange preserves. The recipe for sorbet in the Good Eats book was one for a key lime version but I had a problem. The test subjects don't like key lime. So I got to work doing what Alton taught me in his other books. Recipes don't always have to stick to everything that's on the page. So I realized that the recipe required a citrus so why not replace it with another? Orange was the answer! I went on the hunt for Orange Preserves and came up empty..even if I had gone with the original recipe key lime preserves were absent as well from the shelves. After a long search that had me going to other citys with better markets and even looking on my recent vacation to Gatlinburg I finally gave up and used the next best thing I could find. Orange marmalade. As I got my ingredients ready I realized something else absent from the kitchen..A grater for zests. I did my best with the tools I had and the recipe actually came out quite nice. The only real problem is I didn't get the zests as finely grated as I wanted so a few pieces had to be removed during eating but it wasn't a complete failure. Still A nice refreshing treat that I will keep in mind for warm summer days!

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