Monday, August 29, 2011

My Quest for Good Eats #7: Learning from Grandmother is your best bet

One thing that some may not know about Alton Brown is he is a good ole southern boy like me. It's yet another reason why I like him so much and kind of feel like he is the tv chef that fits me so well. I not only had a moment in life where I wore nothing but flower print shirts but also chose to speak proper english on my own accord and be a science nerd. So when I checked the recipe for my next assignment there weren't any big suprises. The recipe was biscuits and it happened to be his grandmothers recipe. The ingredients and style were uncannily similar to my own grandmothers so I did something that would not offend him in the least. I ran to my own grandmother to learn about the best biscuits I have ever eaten and ever will eat in my life. Explaining the process is something I won't do because I feel its a bit more subtle than just typing out a bunch of steps. Needless to say my grandmother is a wonderful teacher and under her guidance I made a stellar bunch of biscuts (picture in the link) I am proud of the work I did with this one and they tasted as good as they looked. It was easily the most satisfying recipe I have done so far but then again what could possibly beat learning from the person that got you into cooking in the first place? The response is obvious..nothing beats learning from your grandmother..nothing.

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